GSM Alarm

Our GSM alarm is an intelligent alarm terminal. Our GSM alarm features a build-in GSM module and a communication carrier which fits GSM network. Once the emergency occurs, the GSM alarm will automatically dial the pre-set telephone, and sent SMS about the problems. Our products are ideal for home protection, and you may adjust it to different modes during workday and weekends.

As an optional part for our GSM alarm, our GSM module support 8 cellphones and SMS. CONTACT ID is also supported. The voice record can last 20 seconds for our GSM module, while the message sent will include the address, zone number, and the alarm attribute. Our GSM module also features a remote control over the command panel of our alarm system, which could perform ARM/DISARM, activate siren, monitor and display record. The program content can be easily inquired. Moreover, the record and the state of the alarm system can be inquired through message. Thus our GSM alarm is very suitable for security services in business, financial constitutions and enterprises.

As a professional GSM alarm system manufacturer in China, our company offers a wide variety of products that includes outdoor wireless repeater, wireless magnetic door sensor, wireless remote controller, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, and much more.

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