B1 Home Security Alarm System

B1 Home Security Alarm System

Our B1 home security alarm system features a live communication between the main unit and slave detectors to check whether there is communication malfunction. If there is, the main console will alert corresponding zone within 26 hours. Our alert system can deal with 12 zones, including 4 wired zones and 8 wireless zones, which can be expanded up to 24 sensors. This home security alarm system works with at most 8 remote controllers, various wireless or wired sensors and siren. The alarm unit can store 5 groups of pre-set telephone, mobile and page numbers. Once an emergency occur, the alarm console will activate on-site siren immediately; and dial pre-set telephone numbers at the same time.

Technical specifications of B1 home security alarm system
Power AC220V +15% 50Hz, Backup battery 12V/1.3Ah storage battery
Aux power ≤500mA (with battery) Linkage current ≤500mA
Wireless Frequency 433.92MHz Alarm Loudness ≥90dB(within 1m)
Size(Lx W x H) 17.50*19.5*5.4cm, excluding length of antenna. Working Environment 10 ℃ --55 ℃ , Humidity:40-70%
Wireless transceiver Distance Distance between wireless PIR detector, wireless door sensor and main unit is equal or larger than 400m in the open area;
Distance between wireless remote controller is equal or larger than 200m in open area;
Distance for wireless siren is equal or larger than 400m in open area.
Standard Packaging of B1 home security alarm system
Standard Packaging Quantities
Main panel 1pc
Wireless remote controller 2pcs
Wireless PIR detector 1pc
Wireless door sensor 1pc
Color-cardboard box 1pc

Compatible with CONTACT ID agreement, our B1 home security alarm system also features a priority setting of alarm telephones. The access codes include 1 installer code, 1 master code, 8 common user's code and address code. Moreover, the code will be automatically learned between wireless PIR detector, remote controller and main console. In addition, if the phone line is cut, short-circuit occurs, or the main unit and slave detector is under disassembly, or the power is off or low, an alarm will be send. Meanwhile, two timers are equipped for different schedule of the home security alarm system.

As to each zone, its attribute can be programmed for fire alarm, medical alarm, and emergency alarm as you wish. Each zone can also be programmed with different remote controllers. And the alarm delay and arm delay can be set from 0 to 99 seconds independently for corresponding zones. These properties make our alarm system a good choice for residence, marketplace, finance system, and so on.

Our company is a specialized home security alarm system manufacturer in China. We offer a wide array of products, including wireless remote controller, wireless GSM alarm system, wired outdoor PIR detector, gas sensor, and more.

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