B4 8-Zone Security Alarm System

B4 8-Zone Security Alarm System

Our 8 zone security alarm system features an enhanced security by the arm and disarm report to the alarm center when connected to the network. Meanwhile, once you open the alarm or close the alarm, our security alarm system will also make sound to notify its status change. With the help of microprocessor, our alarm system can work with wireless remote controllers and all kinds of wireless PIR detectors. It also combines the function of robbery alarm, burglar alarm, fire alarm and so on. Once the emergency occurs, our security alarm system will immediately report the alarm message to the user and the network manage center by dialing the preset telephone number.

Technical specifications of 8 zone security alarm system
Working Voltage AC 220V ±15% 50Hz Standby Current ≤26mA
Alarm Current ≤350mA Standby Time ≥24 hours
Working Environment -10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ Relative Humidity 40-70%
Wireless Receive Frequency 433.92MHz Alarm Loudness ≥80dB within 1 meter
Size(L*W*H) 200*135*45(mm)
Standard packaging of 8-zone security alarm system
Standard Packaging Quantities
Main panel 1pc
Wireless remote controller 2pcs
Wireless PIR detector 1pc
Wireless door sensor 1pc
Color-cardboard box 1pc

Compatible with ADEMCO CONTACT ID network, our 8 zone security alarm system offers at home mode and away home mode. Meanwhile, the zone type is modifiable as well as the 8 groups of preset telephone numbers. The alarm volume is also adjustable, and it can be set mute anyway. The delays of arm and alarm time are modifiable. Moreover, those settings are all stored and they will not lose when the power supply is down.

Besides, 24 wireless detectors, 8 remote controllers, together with wireless siren can be used in our 8 zone security alarm system. When alarm dialing, 20 seconds of records can be played. These properties make our product a good choice for family, shop and so on.

This company is a specialized 8 zone security alarm system manufacturer based in China. We also supply wireless GSM alarm system, wired outdoor PIR detector, wireless magnetic door sensor, wireless transmitter, and much more.

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