C2 Wireless Alarm System

C2 Wireless Alarm System

Our C2 wireless alarm system features an intelligent detector which can automatically learn codes with the host. With pre-defined 100 independent wireless defense areas, those areas can be set as common defense area or emergent defense area. Moreover, each defense area is able to be activated or deactivated independently. Additionally, our wireless alarm system adopts secondary frequency conversion processing technology and an 8 bit single chip is used as central control unit. Thus the high sensitivity, easy operation, powerful functions and stable performance is guaranteed.

Technical specifications of C2 wireless alarm system
Working voltage AC 220V ± 15%, DC 9.6V - 14V Standby current ≦ 70mA
Sensitivity of receiver more than 0.2μV (12dB signal-to-noise ratio) Alarm loudness ≧ 100dB within 1m
Range of receiver 3-10 Km Wireless Frequency 229MHz
Size(L*W*H) 262*185*67(mm)

Standard packaging of C2 wireless alarm system
Standard Packaging Quantities
Main panel 1pc
White cardboard box 1pc

Besides, the sound of the alarm can be adjusted from 3 kinds of alarm sound and 4 levels of volume. The LED display enables that ten latest alarm messages can be displayed, and 60 pieces of alarm message can be inquired. With the optional build-in backup battery, our wireless alarm system can indicate the situation when battery is low. Moreover, a set of open and close output and a +12V DC output are provided to drive other devices such as alarm siren, alarm light, etc. These properties make our alarm system a good choice in industry, schools, warehouses, etc.

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