Industrial Alarm

Our industrial alarm features a large coverage and a host of functions. Our industrial alarm adopts special digital processing chips to manage over 100 kinds of wireless detectors at the same time. Our industrial alarm also features a high sensitivity thus even the signal from 10 kilometers away can be received. A large LED display enables our alarm to manifest the latest alarm message, while our industrial alarm also provides audio interaction. Moreover, our industrial alarm can be connected to computers, thus transmitting the alarm message real-time. Meanwhile, our alarm supports E-map thus it is suitable for enterprise, office and police station to guard against theft or establish joint defense for public security.

Our company is an industrial alarm manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including wireless GSM alarm system, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, wired outdoor PIR detector, gas sensor, and much more.

Related Names:
Industrial Burglar Alarm | Device for Protection Against Theft | Industrial Security Alarm | Industrial Alarm System

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