D4 Wireless Ceiling PIR Detector

D4 Wireless Ceiling PIR Detector

Our wireless ceiling PIR detector features a ceiling mounted installation. This makes our detector own a wilder detective angle, as well as a widely installation for halls, aisles, etc. Adopted with advanced sensor and special IR processing chip, our detector detects IR spectrum of human body, and the microprocessor will alarm when the human enters the detective area.

Technical specifications of wireless ceiling PIR detector
Working Power ER14250H 3.6V lithium battery Standby Current 45uA
Frequency 433.92MHz Transmitted Power > 40mW
Wireless Remit Distance 400m(in open area) Working Temperature -10 ℃ +50 ℃
Sensor type dual pyroelectric IR sensor Installation method ceiling mounted
Installation Height 3~4m Detective Distance dia. 6~8m
Detective Angle 360° Size 125mm(Dia.)*33mm(thickness)

Temperature compensation is used in our detector thus temperature change will not interfere the detection. Moreover, our detector could effectively reduce the false alarms caused by white light, EMI or pets. The sensitivity of our PIR detector can be adjusted in 2 levels. Besides, if the power supply is low, our detector will report to the alarm center immediately. Those features makes our wireless ceiling PIR detector a good option for families, offices, shops, etc.

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