D5 Wireless Curtain PIR Detector

D5 Wireless Curtain PIR Detector

Our wireless curtain PIR detector features an advanced recognition technology, which could detect the intruder in the detective area effectively. Combined with intelligent direction recognition and wireless communication, our curtain PIR detector possesses streamline appearance and easy installation. Meanwhile, our PIR detector is compatible with our 433 MHz wireless alarm panels.

Technical specifications of wireless curtain PIR detector
Working Voltage DC12V or 3.6V lithium battery Working current standby current≤40uA alarm current≤9mA
Detective distance 8 m Detective angle horizontally 4 degree vertically 100 degree
Time of blockage when power on < 60 seconds Emission frequency 433.92MHz
Emission time 2 seconds Working temperature -10 ℃ -+50 ℃
Storage temperature -25 ℃ -+65 ℃ Size 110*70*40mm the length of antenna excluded

Besides, our wireless curtain PIR detector could effectively prevent the interference of electromagnetic fields. Temperature compensation is used to alleviate the influence of temperature change. The sensitivity of our PIR detector can be set in two levels. In addition, both single pulse and double pulse alarm modes are available for our PIR detector. Moreover, the static power consumption of our PIR detector is particularly small, thus our detector can work for 18 months. These properties makes our wireless curtain PIR detector a good chose to be installed in the window, aisle and so on.

As a China-based wireless curtain PIR detector manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides network intelligent home alarm system, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, wireless GSM alarm system, GSM terminal, and much more.

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