D6 Wired PIR Detector

D6 Wired PIR Detector

Our wired PIR detector combines the double high-sensitivity infrared sensor and advanced digital processing technology as well as temperature compensation. Thanks to the embedded single chip, our wired PIR detector offers a DOS shell together with double channel intelligent digit processing. Moreover, our PIR detector could effectively avoid the false alarm caused by pets, electromagnetic fields and so on. Thus our PIR detector reduces the rate of false alarm to its minimum, while features a strong capability against interference.

Technical specifications of our PIR detector
Detective distance 8m-12m Detective angle 9 0 ℃ X3 5 ℃
Working Voltage 9.6V-13.8V Standby current 25mA
Alarm current 10mA Time of self-lock 100 seconds
Size 64*65*106(mm)

Our wired PIR detector will activate alarm system immediately when the IR spectrum is detected. It is compatible with our wired alarm panels. The sensitivity can be set in three levels. Those features make our detector a good choice for families, office buildings, shopping centers, schools, warehouses and so on.

This company is a professional wired PIR detector manufacturer based in China. We provide a wide range of products, including outdoor wireless repeater, wireless siren, wireless magnetic door sensor, zone security alarm system, among others.

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