D7 Microwave PIR Detector

D7 Microwave PIR Detector

Our microwave PIR detector could effectively avoid the interference of strong magnetic radiation. It combines microwave detection, infrared movement detection, digital signal processing, Doppler Effect analysis, energy analysis and blur analysis. Therefore, our microwave PIR detector is low in the rate of false alarm.

Technical specifications of microwave PIR detector
Working frequency 10.525GHz Working voltage DC10-15V
Static current NO≤15mA NC≤25mA Alarm current NO≤25mA NC≤15mA
Installation Height 2m Detective Distance 12m
Alarm output NO/NC is optional Tamperproof switch NC
Alarm output time 5 seconds Alarm blocking time 60 seconds
Anti-white light interference ≥6500LUX Working temperature -10 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
Preserving temperature -20 ℃ ~ +65 ℃ Size 128*68*45mm
Detective Angle 1100

Besides, the embedded single chip makes our PIR detector extremely robust against white light, magnetic field interference and so on. Moreover, automatic temperature compensation is used to prevent the inference of temperature change. The microwave PIR detector can be set in mono-pulse or double pulse state. The alarm light of our detector can be turned on or off, while the output can be switched between NC and NO. The detective range of microwave can also be adjusted as you wish.

Our microwave PIR detector can be mounted on the wall corner. Compatible with our wired alarm panels, the microwave PIR detector can be widely used in families, office buildings, shopping centers, schools, warehouses and so on.

This company is a specialized microwave PIR detector manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as wireless transmitter, wired outdoor PIR detector, wireless remote controller, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, and more.

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