D8 Wired Outdoor PIR Detector

D8 Wired Outdoor PIR Detector

Our wired outdoor PIR detector features advanced A/D processing technology and recognition technology. It detects the infrared radiation of the human body and alarms the alarm center accordingly. The detector can be wildly used under various situations, thanks to its double infrared sensor together with special filter lens and automatic temperature compensation technology. Moreover, pets under 10KG will not trigger the alarm.

Technical specifications of wired outdoor PIR detector
Working Voltage DC9.6V--15V Standby Current NO≤8 mA NC≤18 m A
( DC12V)
Detective Angle 1100 Alarm Current NO≤20 mA NC≤10 m A(DC 12V)
Detective Distance 12m(optional) Alarm Time 5s and 20s (optional)
Alarm recovery time 100 seconds Installation Height 2m
Preserving temperature -25℃~65℃ Working temperature -20℃~55℃
Size 160 X 80 X 49 (mm)

With an embedded single chip, our wired outdoor PIR detector can process the double channel signal with A/D conversion. Adopted a special filter, our PIR detector is able to detect under the interference of white light with intensity up to 10000LUX.

Besides, the wired outdoor PIR detector can be switched between day mode and night mode. The alarm delay time is able to adjust as well. The alarm indicator light can also be turned on or off. Moreover, our PIR detector offers airproof and waterproof thus it could be used outdoors. In addition, it is compatible with wired alarm system of both ours and other manufactures'. Therefore, our wired outdoor PIR detector enjoys a low false alarm rate and easy installation, and it is widely used in families, schools, banks and so on.

As a professional wired outdoor PIR detector manufacturer based in China, we also provide wireless GSM alarm system, zone security alarm system, gas sensor, wireless magnetic door sensor, and much more.

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