D9 Wired Curtain PIR Detector

D9 Wired Curtain PIR Detector

Our wired curtain PIR detector features an advanced intelligent processing technology including temperature compensation, smart direction identification and false alarm control. Our detector can detect the intruder in the preset zone and send signal to activate the alarm host. Moreover, our alarm is robust against magnetic field and spotlight.

Technical specifications of wired curtain PIR detector
Detective distance 8m Detective angle Horizon: 4° vertically: 100°
Working Voltage DC 12V Startup time less than 3 minutes
Environment temperature -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ Minimum interval time of alarm One-way alarm ≥8 seconds
Alarm output time 5 seconds Size 110*70*40(mm)

Besides, the sensitivity can be set from 2 levels. While the single pulse mode and double pulse mode can be switched. In addition, the alarm can be set in one-way mode and two-way mode, while the direction recognition can be adjusted in the one-way mode. With a streamline design, our wired curtain PIR detector is suitable to be installed in the windows, corridors and doorways. Our detector is compatible with various alarm panels, and it is widely used in families, office buildings, shopping centers, schools, warehouses and so on.

This company is a specialized wired curtain PIR detector manufacturer in China. We also produce inner antenna wireless PIR detector, smoke sensor, network intelligent home alarm system, outdoor wireless repeater, among others.

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