G1 Wireless Remote Controller

G1 Wireless Remote Controller

Our G1 wireless remote controller consists of 3 keys and an emitting indicator, which indicates the remote controller is sending signal. If the light is off after you press any key, please change the battery. Meanwhile, the arm key is used to activate away home mode. The main unit will make a short sound after you press this key, and the alarm system will be in away home mode. The disarm key of the wireless remote controller is used to disarm this state, while the main unit will also make a short sound. Finally, the panic key is used to make alarm sound immediately in the emergency.

The remote controller is compatible with all our wireless alarm panels with 433.92 MHz frequency.

Technical specifications of G1 wireless remote controller
Working voltage DC 12V(1pc of 27A/12V alkaline battery) Standby current ≤1uA
Working current ≤18mA Emit frequency 433.92MHz
Emit power ≥90mW(@DC 12V) Size 69*39*16.5(mm)

We are a China-based wireless remote controller manufacturer and supplier. We also offer intruder alarm system, gas sensor, wired outdoor PIR detector, wireless magnetic door sensor, and much more.

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