Smoke Sensor

Smoke Sensor

Our smoke sensor features an auto-reset thus the sensor will continue working if fails. Meanwhile, our smoke sensor owns strong adaptability, and it offers robustness against the interference of white light. The high stability of our smoke sensor makes it a good choice for residential house, hotels, markets, etc.

Technical specification of smoke sensor
Working voltage DC 12V(network type) 9V battery(independence or wireless type) Static current ≤200uA(network type) ≤10uA(independence or wireless type)
Alarm current ≤20mA Alarm indicator Red LED flash
Sound level ≥85dB/m(independence or wireless type) Operating temperature -10 ~ +50 ℃
Operating humidity ≤95%RH Detective area 20 square meters
Sensitivity three levels Size ¢ 107*35(mm)
Alarm output Sound & flash alarm(independence type) RF signal 433MHz(wireless type) Relay output NO/ NC(network type)

Our company is an experienced smoke sensor manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including GSM terminal, wireless magnetic door sensor, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, wireless siren, and more.

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Smoke Detector | Fire Sensor | Device to Detect Smoke | Sensor for Alarm System

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