Panic Button

Panic Button

Our panic button features a far transmission distance, which can travel above 1000 m in the open area. SAW resonator frequency stabilization technique is also used in the wireless radiation circuit of our panic button, which endows the stabilization and security of our product. Moreover, the button will report when battery is low or the input voltage is low.

Our panic button is compatible with our alarm systems of 433.92MHz. It can be wildly used in families, office buildings, shopping centers, schools, warehouses and so on.

Technical specifications of panic button
Working voltage 12V 23A(layer battery) Standby current ≤5uA
Radiation current ≤20mA Radiation frequency 433.92MHz
Size 75*38*16mm(antenna excluded)

Our company is a specialized panic button manufacturer in China. Besides gas sensor, we also provide wireless remote controller, wired outdoor PIR detector, network intelligent home alarm system, among others.

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Panic Alarm Button | Device for Alerting in Emergency Situation | Wireless Emergency Button | Danger Button

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